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What is the difference between
Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid are two entirely different programs. Medicare is your Government health insurance program for people over 65 and for those who are on Social Security disability. Medicare provides coverage for hospitalization, doctors and other types of medical expenses. Medicare is a medical insurance program, and except for a limited short term nursing home benefit, is not coverage for nursing home or other long-term care.

Medicaid nursing home eligibility In order to get Medicare coverage for a nursing home stay, you must be in an approved skilled nursing facility, have been in the hospital for at least three days prior to entering the facility, and to be deemed by Medicare to be medically benefiting from that skilled nursing (usually undergoing therapy). Custodial care is not covered. Technically, there is a maximum of 100 days of nursing home benefit. In actuality, the requirement about medically benefiting usually limits the benefit to a period of 10-20 days for rehabilitation. Under no conditions does Medicare pay for assisted living, residential care facilities, adult foster care or home care. And, except during the time you're in the hospital, Medicare does not cover medications. Medicare does have some benefit for home health but this is purely for medical reasons, not for care givers to come in and attend to someone who needs help with personal needs on a long-term basis.

Medicaid, on the other hand, which is funded jointly by the Federal Government and the individual states, is the program that provides benefits for long-term nursing home care, and, in a number of states, benefits for other types of long-term care. The only problem is that for an unmarried patient to qualify for Medicaid, they must be financially broke.

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