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We realize that you don't know us yet, but we have been helping families deal with Medicaid related issues since 1995. We understand the difficulties of dealing with the details relating to Medicaid eligibility and the protection of assets.

We have seen families “waste” 10’s of thousand of dollars, even $100’s of thousands, and we honestly hate to think of you wasting one more day (at up to $400 or more per day), needlessly throwing money away, only to later discover that all you lacked was the knowledge necessary to save it.

That's why we created this website, and the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan (MAPPTM) Video Package ... to show you how a single patient can transfer assets and qualify for Medicaid sooner. Protecting assets while qualifying for Medicaid is not that complicated - once you understand how Medicaid really works. All that you lack is the education, and that is exactly what the MAPPTM Video Package provides. This easy-to-understand Medicaid information is what you've been looking for. How do we know? Because we've helped thousands of families qualify for Medicaid while saving millions of dollars - people just like you.

So call today (866-334-2243)! You will be connected with a qualified Medicaid expert who will help you determine if the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan would apply to your situation or click here to learn how the MAPP™ Video Package can help your family save thousands of dollars.

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View Video and hear what others are saying about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan
View Video and hear what others are saying
about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan

What is the Difference
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Real Life Situations

"When my family realized that my grandma's dementia would soon force us to place her in a special care facility, I was the one (as usual) who was given the job of finding out about Medicaid. I went to the local Medicaid office where I learned that because she had more than $2,000 she didn't qualify. When I asked what could be done, the lady said to use her money for her care until it was gone, and then she could qualify for Medicaid. My brother-in-law, who thinks he's an expert on everything, claimed that it was illegal to give away assets in order to get on Medicaid. Against his 'better judgement,' I ordered your video and forced him to watch it. (I figured with a money back guarantee I had nothing to lose.) After watching the video twice, and talking with you on the telephone, he was finally convinced. To make a long story short, Grandma is currently in a wonderful facility, on Medicaid, and we have set aside nearly $200,000 for her family. Even my brother-in-law had to admit that if it wasn't for your video we would have probably lost it all."

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"My father had all his assets in a Living Trust. The trust salesman said it would protect them from Medicaid. After his third stroke we realized he couldn't live alone. We went to Medicaid, but they said they would count all the assets in the trust so he didn't qualify. My father was devastated. He figured he was going to lose everything to the nursing home. A friend told me about your site. We called and talked to you and then purchased the MAPP video. It was everything you promised and more. We were eventually able to protect over $125,000, and today he is in a care facility on Medicaid. I just wish we had found your organization before we found the trust salesman -- we could have saved even more."


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