Case Studies

Case 1:
Mary had been widowed for nearly five years when a series of strokes made it obvious that she could no longer live alone. She sold her home and moved into a care facility. The proceeds from the sale totaled about $100,000, which she had always assumed would go to her son. But, with her monthly costs approaching $5,000, it was obvious her entire estate would be completely gone in about two years. It was simply a question of who was going to live longer... her or her money.

When she and her son talked to Medicaid about eligibility, they learned that as a single (widowed) patient, she would not qualify for benefits until her assets were spent down to $2,000. In addition, the Medicaid worker indicated that the "spend down" had to be used for her care. (And although there are alternatives to spending all the money on care, it is certainly what Medicaid wants you to believe.) Her friends told her that she should have transferred the title to her home to her son at least five years previous. There seemed no way around the problem until she and her son discovered the MAPP Program.

After viewing the videos, they were able to quickly put together and implement a plan to protect assets. Utilizing the suggested pattern of transfers, she was ultimately able to transfer a total of $64,000 to her son, and then qualify for Medicaid eligibility. And although she is currently on Medicaid, she remains today in the same care facility in which she had started out, receiving exactly the same care. The only difference is that Medicaid is now paying most of the bill, while her son has $64,000, in his name, sitting in a separate bank account. Had she not purchased the MAPP Video Package, but instead listened to her friends and the Medicaid worker, she would still, no doubt, be on Medicaid today, but the $64,000 would be gone, forever.

Medicaid Eligibility | Medicaid Asset Protection

Case 2:
Sarah's condition had been slowly deteriorating for many years. As time went by, it had become more and more obvious to her daughter that it was really not safe for her mother to live alone. She really hadn't reached the stage where she needed to be in a care facility, as long as there was someone there to watch over her and help with some of her personal needs (dressing, bathing, transportation, etc.). Therefore, her daughter made the decision to move into her mother's home and become her caregiver. Even so, over a period of time, Sarah's condition continued to deteriorate. Eventually, the daughter reluctantly came to the conclusion that her mother would, sooner than later, need to move into a care facility.

When she checked with Medicaid, she was told that although Mom could qualify right away (she had no savings to speak of), she would have to put her home up for sale as a condition of continued Medicaid eligibility. When the home eventually sold, her mother would be taken off Medicaid, because she would then have money. Realizing that it would not be long before there really would be no other choice, the daughter made up her mind to go ahead and find a facility for her mother, get her moved in and apply for Medicaid eligibility. In the meantime, though, she had purchased the MAPP Video Package in order to learn if there was any way she might save some of the proceeds from the home, once it sold.

While viewing the videos, she learned, to her great surprise, that if she continued to take care of her mother for only three more months before applying for Medicaid, her mother could transfer the title of her home to her daughter, and still be able to qualify for Medicaid immediately. Even if the daughter had to hire help, the ability to transfer a $200,000 home was certainly worth the additional three months. Of course, this was not something that was even mentioned during her discussions at the local Medicaid office. Had the daughter not purchased the MAPP Video Package and learned about this rule, she would have placed her mother in the facility right away, loosing forever her opportunity to receive her mother's home, free and clear.

Medicaid Planning | Medicaid Asset Protection

Case 3:
John's physical health had been declining for years. His wife had been his caregiver, but when she died he moved to Oregon so his daughter could help take care of him. They both soon realized that with her own work and family commitments he really needed to go into an assisted living facility. Between the small house he still owned back in Iowa and his savings, his assets totaled approximately $75,000. His monthly shortfall - the difference between his income and his expenses (including the cost of care)--totaled about $1,500. Using the strategies we they learned about in the MAPP Video Package, nearly $56,000 of his estate was transferred to his daughter, and he was on Medicaid within 11 months.

Medicaid Eligibility Rules | Medicaid Asset Protection

Case 4:
Harriet, a 75-year-old widow living in California, had been in excellent health until her devastating stroke, which left her partially paralyzed and unable to speak. After 12 days in the hospital, she was sent to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. Her family was relieved to learn that Medicare, along with her Medicare supplement insurance policy, would pay for the cost of care during her rehabilitation period. But, after only 20 days of rehab, they were told that she was being moved to the intermediate care wing, and would thereafter be on private pay. The cost would exceed her Social Security by about $3,500 per month. Even though she had about $150,000 in savings, at that rate it would just be a matter of time before most of it would be gone. But by putting together a plan, utilizing the proper strategies and timing found in the MAPP Program, $125,000 was transferred out of her estate and protected, and she was on Medi-Cal (Medicaid) in just seven months.

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The Financial Aid Center for Long Term Care has developed the MAPP™ Video Package which will teach you how to transfer assets and still qualify for Medicaid - quickly - using techniques approved in both Federal and state Medicaid rules, including the changes contained in the Deficit Reduction Act!

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View Video and hear what others are saying
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Real Life Situations

"When my family realized that my grandma's dementia would soon force us to place her in a special care facility, I was the one (as usual) who was given the job of finding out about Medicaid. I went to the local Medicaid office where I learned that because she had more than $2,000 she didn't qualify. When I asked what could be done, the lady said to use her money for her care until it was gone, and then she could qualify for Medicaid. My brother-in-law, who thinks he's an expert on everything, claimed that it was illegal to give away assets in order to get on Medicaid. Against his 'better judgement,' I ordered your video and forced him to watch it. (I figured with a money back guarantee I had nothing to lose.) After watching the video twice, and talking with you on the telephone, he was finally convinced. To make a long story short, Grandma is currently in a wonderful facility, on Medicaid, and we have set aside nearly $200,000 for her family. Even my brother-in-law had to admit that if it wasn't for your video we would have probably lost it all."

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"My father had all his assets in a Living Trust. The trust salesman said it would protect them from Medicaid. After his third stroke we realized he couldn't live alone. We went to Medicaid, but they said they would count all the assets in the trust so he didn't qualify. My father was devastated. He figured he was going to lose everything to the nursing home. A friend told me about your site. We called and talked to you and then purchased the MAPP video. It was everything you promised and more. We were eventually able to protect over $125,000, and today he is in a care facility on Medicaid. I just wish we had found your organization before we found the trust salesman -- we could have saved even more."

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