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"I have been an attorney in private practice for 25 years. My private practice revolves mainly around trusts, will, probate and elder law. For the past two years, I have worked on and off with Joe Mitchell and Terall Blalock on numerous cases with my clients who have issues pertaining to Medicaid. Joe and Terall have been invaluable on countless occasions. Their knowledge of the Medicaid rules and regulations is impressive. Their ability to communicate their knowledge to me and to my clients is especially good, and above and beyond that, Joe and Terall provide a great service with a servant's heart and attitude. They have earned my trust and confidence and have helped save my clients thousands of dollars. "

Steven Plinski
Attorney at Law
Coos Bay, Oregon

"I am not one for passing out bouquets, however, in this case I feel the professional service I received from your organization could not go without comment from me.

At the time of my first contact, you told me how the process would work. Much to my delight the process went exactly as you said it would, which saved a substantial amount of my parents estate. With your advice my dealings with Medicaid went very smoothly.

I was very impressed with your knowledge and experitse.

Thank you again,"

Robert L. Roach

Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time today to not only answer your own phone, but more importantly, take the time to explain to me the "fair market value" considerations of Medicaid when selling property, as well as looking up the Colorado web location for me to get the "rules"!

If more people who are trying to care for their elderly parents and making arrangements for nursing home care and Medicaid eligibility were aware of your site, you'd save so many people thousands of dollars and much emotional turmoil.
Somehow the word needs to get out that your MAPP program is there, will work in every state, and most important, you answer the phone!  At an extremely affordable cost for everyone contemplating the "Medicaid March", your program and assistance with empathy is invaluable.
Thanks ever so much.  If I can help you in anyway, I'd be happy to.
Chuck Griffiths
Gardnerville, NV

"Please accept this token of our appreciation for your expertise in dealing with Senior Services. With your knowledge, and that of my attorney, I was able to retain 100% of my assets. I could not have accomplished this on my own. Thanks for sharing your time and experience.
Sincere thanks,"

Wayne Kliment

"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet, albeit virtually via conference call, with our attorney and me to discuss options for qualifying my mom for Medicaid. Having researched the issue over the past year and half, I have learned that these are complicated waters to navigate; having a good guide is critical. With you and the attorney at the helm, it was a painless and successful journey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!
Many thanks,"


"I found your material to be right on target with the suggestions that our (MUCH more expensive) attorneys were recommending. Your advice was accurate and much clearer than the 9 to 10 Medicaid books which I read prior to getting your information. You lay out in simple terms what needs to be done, dispel myths which could cost tens of thousands, and carefully explain how Medicaid really works. While I was hoping that you folks might have different strategies, I was impressed that your information covered asset protection so thoroughly."

Pat Brown, Milton, MA

"I am writing in appreciation for all the help your office has given in getting my father on Medicaid.

As with all families who have had to place a loved one in a controlled environment, it has been a most difficult time. Having never gone through this before, we did not have an idea how to begin. Thanks to your organization, a difficult task has been made much easier.

I have told one of my mother's friends about your services and I am sure her family will be in contact with you. Thank you!!!"

C. A., Grants Pass, Oregon

"I would like to thank you for your help in assisting me with my Grandmother's financial concerns. I found the financial information you gave me incredibly helpful. I had consulted with an attorney here in Eugene and although she was pleasant to work with, I found her information to be lacking regarding the rules which apply to Medicaid clients. I was referred to your office by my hospital's social worker, and I can only say how grateful I am that we were able to work with you! Thank you again and keep up the good work, for you are doing good for a lot of uninformed families."

D. S., Eugene, Oregon

"Just a short note to thank you for helping my client. We have been fighting the local Medicaid office for some time. I know my client was becoming very desperate and I had exhausted all of my resources. I was hopeful there was some way to make her eligible, but since Medicaid tends to keep people ignorant of "chapter and verse" I was at a loss.

Thanks again for taking the time to work with my client. I am more convinced than ever that your organization, more than anyone else I've talked to, really does understand eligibility and is dedicated to helping get patients what they rightly deserve."

C. B., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"The Medicaid information you gave me will enable my mother to live the rest of her years with dignity. She was so concerned that long term care would leave her penniless and she could not afford birthday presents for her family. We will be able to funnel her modest assets back to her. The information you gave her allowed her a sense of control and power. She is legally blind and the adjustment to losing her sight was very hard on her. She took care of her handicapped son for 22 years and when she was in her 50's she got her GED, went to college, took up nursing and worked 18 years, until she was 74 years old. She has always been very caring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

S. I.

"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help. When my sister went into a nursing home I didn't know what to do about her financial situation and how fortunate I was that someone handed me your brochure.

As you know, I was able to get all the things done that were so important to her. Since her death, I have been retracing my footsteps and think now I am nearly finished with this chapter of my life.

Thanks again. I carry your cards with me and pass them out any chance I get."

J. E. C.

"It has been my pleasure to discover your company through the help of a senior volunteer at the Jackson County Library.

Your helpfulness and formulated advice, has made it possible for us to follow mom's wishes with some of her assets. It would have only been better if we had discovered your service sooner. After diligent search, consultation with tax attorneys, accountants, and estate planners - your service is the most succinct and helpful of all. Medicaid cannot advise and most financial planners do not know what their legal options are regarding long term care. Thank goodness, you and your associates have specialized in this very area. Your formulas are simple and workable. Your supportive follow-up is great.

My wife and I followed your company's formulations, and this fall was able to get mom qualified for the assistance she deserves. Many good people along the way made the timing and the process easy and dignified.

I recommend that anyone considering the funding needs of long term care of their loved one, consider your organization as a top priority."

F. & L. R.

"Thank you for the help you gave to my sister and me. This was a very scary time, but you helped us over a hurdle that nobody would talk about, like a forbidden fruit. You were the only ones that would give us any kind of information. You provide a wonderful service. We are grateful to you and will pass your phone number to others. Thank you fondly,"

D. S. & S. P.

"I wish to thank you for the advice and assistance that was given to me by members of your organization. If I had not followed your instructions to the letter, my financial future would have been dark and bleak. However, by shifting, transferring, paying off mortgages, etc., my wife qualified for financial aid. For this I am very grateful. Thank you again for your guidance through this web of government red tape."

G. R.

"Your service is excellent and very much needed. I had my father-in-law, who is very active in the state Mental Health Association here locally, try to find this same information through his sources and he was unsuccessful. He went to all the senior help resources and was eventually sent to the law library to try and find it himself. Needless to say, that was a bit much for him. I only wish the Medicaid counseling sources in all communities knew about your service. Many families would benefit. Thank you again!!!"

A. L.

The Financial Aid Center for Long Term Care has developed the MAPPTM Video Package which will teach you how to transfer assets and still qualify for Medicaid - quickly - using techniques approved in both Federal and state Medicaid rules, including the changes contained in the Deficit Reduction Act!

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View Video and hear what others are saying about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan
View Video and hear what others are saying
about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan

"Your organization, more than anyone else..., really does understand eligibility "


"The Medicaid information you gave me will enable my mother to live the rest of her years with dignity."

"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help...I carry your cards with me and pass them out any chance I get."


"It would have only been better if we had discovered your service sooner."


"This was a very scary time, but you helped us over a hurdle that nobody would talk about, like a forbidden fruit."


"If I had not followed your instructions to the letter, my financial future would have been dark and bleak."


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